How to optimize a WordPress site

WordPress is a great platform which can use for creating simple websites or blogs to the complex websites and blogs. Even the applications can also be created using WordPress. There are thousands of plug-ins in WordPress, so there are limitless functions. You can easily create and change your blog or site without any fees for licensing. This is not only free in terms of cost but it provides you the freedom to have full control over it.

Some features of WordPress:wordpress optimise                                      

  • It is simple and flexible.
  • It can easily managed by the users
  • It has a great array of plugins which you can install.
  • It is available free of cost and has no licensing fees.

What WordPress offers you automatically?

WordPress is able to handle the canonical URL’s efficiently in such a way that it’s liked by both search engines and users. WordPress makes the URL’s pretty and simple, rather than having ugly file names like .html, .asp at the end of URL’s.

WordPress is constructing in such a way that it provides the clean and organized coding. When search engine robots crawl these sites, they process it easily and will process it further also, if you make any changes or add pages in your website. Besides this there are still some of the things which you need to install, while creating a website.

Here are some of the things which you can optimize in your WordPress site:

1.)  Permalinks: You will want to set your permalinks in a correct way, by making use titles of your pages at the end of URL. WordPress make use database query system, which present the URL’s of the pages like? =456. It denotes a specific number to every page or post. This confuses the users and search engines and won’t let the users to know what they are going to see until the page is load fully. To make it easier for the users as well as search engines I would recommend you to build the URL’s pretty. You will be able to create pretty URL’s in the following way:

    • Go on settings and click on permalinks
    • When you will click, something will seem like this:


Click on the structure which you like and your URL will set in the same way. It is better to customize your URL’s according to the title of the page or the post. As it is easy to remember for the users also and search engine will also be able to crawl it effectively.


2.)  Sitemap: You should offer the sitemap to search engine and your friends/users, to make their life easier. XML sitemap makes the things easier for the robots and it is not at all visible to the users.


There are many ways to create sitemap, but in WordPress you can create it in the following way:


Note: Be sure about already installed the plug-in: WordPress SEO by Yoast.


  • First, Go to SEO
  • Then WordPress admin dashboard
  • If you have already done this, then you can verify the webmaster tool account by entering the Meta data.


By installing this plug-in, XML sitemap will be create automatically and remember to place it in root directory of your website. If you want to verify the things, then you can customize this within option of the “XML Sitemaps”.


3.)  Meta descriptions: This will not help to raise your rankings but it is important. Meta description is that description which is mention below the links and urls on search result page. This description is necessary as Google or other search engines do make use of these descriptions and consider it as site description.


Do the following while adding the Meta description:


  • Make use of target keywords within a sentence
  • Should not exceed 160 characters
  • Make sure that it is meaningful.


Procedure to make it using the WordPress:

  • Go to the post or the page you want to edit
  • Go to WordPress SEO editor
  • Edit the Meta description and enter the description which you want to display for that page.


Summary: A WordPress is the simplest platform to create SEO friendly and user friendly site. You can customize your site easily by installing some of the plug-ins.

Author Bio: Cathrine is the Content Writer in SEO Rank Smart A SEO Company. Who have a SEO Experts team and provides Outsourcing Services. She is interest in writing informational articles on SEO/ WordPress related topics.

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